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Frequently Asked Questions

Stuff People Want to Know

Do you have questions? We’re pretty sure we’ve got the answers you need. Read about our process, our services and how we can best help you grow and scale your business. Still have queries? That’s cool. Give us a shout.


What is SERM? What part do we play in it ?

Search engine reputation management, or SERM, is a part of online reputation management. This service refers to constant monitoring and influencing the overall public impression that a company has online. We aim to create a positive reputation for our clients on different search engines and social media platforms

How do we choose the best keywords for SEOs?

Our Marketing experts use a variety of tools to choose keywords. Some of the common ones we use are Google Developers, Google Webmaster Tools, and Moz, among others. We also use suggestions based specifically on what the clients are looking for. 

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What is the difference between SEO and PPC? Which one is better?

SEO is mainly done through organic marketing, meaning that there is no fees that the search engine will charge you to show your website in the searches. If your websites have the relevant keywords the user is searching for, it will come up in their searches. On the other hand. for PPC, the search engine charges a fee to show your company's website as top result and charges you a specific amount every time someone clicks on your website link. 

In order to bring out the best results, we use a mix of both SEO and PPC as they complement each other. 

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Why should I use PPC when I can get the website results through SEO?

Digital marketing is a very competitive field, for all kinds of business. By implementing a strategic advertising campaign with a mix of SEO, SERM as well as PPC we can ensure that our clients' website stays competitive as well as develop and maintain a positive presence online.

What other services does Search Novo Technology Inc. provide?

As stated earlier, we specialize in providing SEO, SERM and PPC services, however, if there are any special services you require, we do provide additional services on a case-by-case basis. For more information you can contact us. 

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